Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Mission Statement - Inspiring

OMG I said earlier this week that the "Soul Sessions Class" I am taking online should have come with a warning and I meant it in a bad way. I reluctantly forge through the fear, anger, pain and anxiety. For exactly one week my life was a mess, a total mess. I was crying buckets. Last night there was a crazy thunderstorm in Central Texas reminding me of the buckets of rain I had been crying. My cat was nervously setting next to me on the bed while I worked feverishly on my past weeks homework.I stayed up until 3 am, it was like the scene out of a movie. My brain was on overdrive and so was the weather.

Ahh... reminds me of a Dylan song that I love when performed by my friend, Jimmy LaFave.
{Song Break}  "Buckets of Rain"

Long story short after several hours of pondering, soul searching, drawing and writing, making lists, I came up with my mission statement.

Inspiring!  Inspiring! Inspiring! Inspiring!

Finally, I could go to bed.

In the morning I woke up slowly, drinking coffee and feeling pretty wonderful about my progress. Then the magic began. I opened a message from a customer on Etsy. She had found me by googling the words "Luna Chick" because her skydiving team was thinking that they may want to call themselves the "Luna Chicks" Oh.... that reminds me, I need to get that name trademarked. Does anyone know how to do that cheaply??  Anyway, she found my Etsy store and the first piece of art that came up was my "Luna Chick" and she said it was just like magic, It was exactly what she was looking for she wondered if they could use the art on their T-Shirt. So let me back up, I took an art business class with Kelly Rae Roberts this summer called "Flying Lessons" There were over 300 in the class world wide and about 25 or 30 of us have formed an online group and are still in touch every day supporting each other in our small art business ventures. We call ourselves "The Fly Girls." Okay so I am talking to this perfect stranger on the phone who is a skydiver, brainstorming about what they want to call themselves... maybe "Luna Chicks" maybe "Fly Girls" at any rate everything she said was so in line with what my "Fly Girls"are doing and talk about every day. Basically a wonderful group of women with a common interest, supporting each other. I was just in tears. She spoke of how as a team they had accomplished so much. We talked of the meaning of a TEAM. (Together Everyone Achieves More) At the end of our magical conversation, with so much sincere emotion she said that my art is just so INSPIRING. I just lost it. I told her I had been up until 3 am working on my mission statement and that INSPIRING was the exact word I had set my goal on. Within 7 hours I got a call from a total stranger telling me my art is inspiring.

Yeah.... I am pretty amazed. Again, I could not have gotten here without my team. You really never know where your team might show up but when you find them, don't take them for granted.

“What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.”
—  Paulo Coelho

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