Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Palm Sunday in Spicewood

Sunday was spent with some life long friends in the country southwest of town. Lana, Ellen, Martha, David and Roger. What a beautiful Palm Sunday. The bluebonnets are in full bloom, the weather is perfect and the company... almost perfect..... except for Ellen, who is the thorn in my life that reminds me that there is a CRAZY Gemini energy in the Universe that I have some strange Karma with. I love you Ellen but you are a nut.

I just read this morning that women's need connection with other women is built in to our DNA. We get energized by dopamine, our “happy” hormones when we respond to stress with nurturing, fun and social networking. Yes, I did say that David and Roger were with us so there was a little testosterone added to the mix.

We watched the soon to be released "Horse He Called Music" video by Willie Nelson that Lana and David have worked on for almost a year. It was entertaining to watch David, my fellow Taurus friend, acting like a Taurus, set up the video on the big screen. He made popcorn, turned it on and then waited for us to cry. I had already seen it 4 times and I still cried. It is an amazing piece of work. That is all I can say about it for now but May 15 the Willie Nelson CD will be released along with the video.

And yes, fun, quality “girl time” does include crying during a video. It physically and mentally helps us create more dopamine and kicks on the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Yeah, we actually bond with our girlfriends creating a chemical love cocktail between us when support each other. The the cucumber, jalapeno martini at the end of the night at the  "Iron Cactus" was just icing on the cake.

The sun setting over Willie's Golf Coarse
Lana and David  waiting for the sunset
Roger and Ellen
Roger, Ellen, Martha

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