Friday, March 30, 2012

Lucid Dream In The Blue Bedroom

Lucid Dream In The Blue Bedroom

This month has been a whirlwind of events. I had my second Hyde Park Bar and Grill show at the end on February and had to have 6 more guitar paintings ready for the show on March 5. I finished this one on March 3.  It was my favorite so of course, it sold immediately. Usually when I sell a painting in a show, I have until the end of the show to have it delivered. In this case, a lady from Chicago had gone in to Hyde Park for lunch with no intentions of buying a painting and she was leaving the next day. I had to replace the paining with another so I stayed up all night painting and delivered the painting with barely dried paint. Meeting Peg, the buyer was a bonus for us both. She was lovely and gracious and so very excited to hear the story behind the painting. I think it is sort of like going to a small concert and hearing the story behind the songs. Everything is more valuable if it comes with a story.
The "blue guitar" series
I have now started a new "blue guitar" series. The first painting came to me in a dream. I can only explain it as a quantum moment. One of a handful that have occurred in my lifetime. An experience that breaks all the rules and changed me forever. When I tried to  explain the dream in words, I found that there were no words that sufficed the experience, so I painted it on a canvas. The dream was a vivid, dark and came with a distinct message to leave the situation I was currently in. A whisper from the Universe, a call to action.  Quantum moments bleed far beyond the few seconds in which they occur. It opened and define me. Most importantly, quantum moments exist in the past, present and the future simultaneously. The rest of paintings in this series will just be constant reminders of the message I received in the dream.

The morning breeze has secrets to tell you,
Do not go back to sleep. ~ Rumi

Martha and I have been talking about writing a book called "You May Too Sensitive If" ... it is a joke... well sort of a joke. We have learned to take notice that those that tell us that we are too sensitive are the same people that we have detected that what they say and do, don't match up. In dreams it much easier to see beyond the facade. If you pay attention to your dreams you will receive important information. Whispers from the Universe. These painting  tells the story of a truth I was detecting before it even happened. The dream changed my life.

My art show at Hyde Park on Duval ends on Sunday, April 1. The art show at Hyde Park on Westgate ends  Sunday, April 8.

It is only in the dark night of the soul
That you are prepared to see 
As God sees,
And to love as God loves.  
~ Ram Dass

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