Saturday, March 9, 2013

In Honor of Women's History Month

Today, I am feeling blessed.... I opened an email from Terri Hendrix with a free download of the song below. I am feeling blessed because in so many social situations and work environments, I always take on the roll of someone's mother. What a blessing! So here is a song dedicated to all of you who have at one time or another called me mom or just thought of me as your mom. I love you all... especially my daughter, Adriane Rose.

Click link below then click black arrow to listen to the song. 

Terri Hendrix "If I Had A Daughter"

If I had a daughter
I'd tell her that the first breath of life is the easiest
From then on out it takes years of practice
'Cause if you know how to keep air in your lungs
Then you'll survive when fate tackles you
Rubs your face in the Astroturf
And grinds its cleats into your back

If I had a daughter
I'd tell her that it's better to be out there on the field of life
Takin' hits and makin' touchdowns
Than bitchin' about the game in the bleachers

If I had a daughter
I'd teach her how to face life and its peaks and valleys
With grit, modesty, hope, compassion, and love
I'd want her to accept herself
I'd want her to watch the stars instead of her weight
Love her body
Feed her soul
Dance with her curves
See those blue veins as a masterpiece
Howl at the moon instead of her hair
And to live inside out
If I had a daughter
I'd teach her to hold her head high
And strut through this world as a more than instead of a less than
She'd trust her voice
Speak her mind
And seek the truth
'Cause if it talks like a duck and walks like a duck
Then yes, it might be a skunk

If I had a daughter
She'd know that gay or straight
Pin-striped or polka-dotted
Tie-dyed or solid
Straight-laced or bent
She'd have my acceptance and blessing
In regards to whomever she gave her heart to
But I'd give her a compass
So if she was lost
She could find her way back to reality
And when her soul hit the low notes
Or some fool used her heart for a kick drum
I'd teach her how to turn it into song

If I had a daughter
I'd want her to be willing
To venture into the great unknown
But I'd make sure she had the blueprints
To build her own universe
If I had a daughter
I would carry her with me
In every breath of every moment
I'd wake with her name on my lips
I'd go to bed with her dreams in my heart
If I had a daughter

"If I Had a Daughter" (Terri Hendrix) from The Spiritual Kind