Friday, March 30, 2012

Lucid Dream In The Blue Bedroom

Lucid Dream In The Blue Bedroom

This month has been a whirlwind of events. I had my second Hyde Park Bar and Grill show at the end on February and had to have 6 more guitar paintings ready for the show on March 5. I finished this one on March 3.  It was my favorite so of course, it sold immediately. Usually when I sell a painting in a show, I have until the end of the show to have it delivered. In this case, a lady from Chicago had gone in to Hyde Park for lunch with no intentions of buying a painting and she was leaving the next day. I had to replace the paining with another so I stayed up all night painting and delivered the painting with barely dried paint. Meeting Peg, the buyer was a bonus for us both. She was lovely and gracious and so very excited to hear the story behind the painting. I think it is sort of like going to a small concert and hearing the story behind the songs. Everything is more valuable if it comes with a story.
The "blue guitar" series
I have now started a new "blue guitar" series. The first painting came to me in a dream. I can only explain it as a quantum moment. One of a handful that have occurred in my lifetime. An experience that breaks all the rules and changed me forever. When I tried to  explain the dream in words, I found that there were no words that sufficed the experience, so I painted it on a canvas. The dream was a vivid, dark and came with a distinct message to leave the situation I was currently in. A whisper from the Universe, a call to action.  Quantum moments bleed far beyond the few seconds in which they occur. It opened and define me. Most importantly, quantum moments exist in the past, present and the future simultaneously. The rest of paintings in this series will just be constant reminders of the message I received in the dream.

The morning breeze has secrets to tell you,
Do not go back to sleep. ~ Rumi

Martha and I have been talking about writing a book called "You May Too Sensitive If" ... it is a joke... well sort of a joke. We have learned to take notice that those that tell us that we are too sensitive are the same people that we have detected that what they say and do, don't match up. In dreams it much easier to see beyond the facade. If you pay attention to your dreams you will receive important information. Whispers from the Universe. These painting  tells the story of a truth I was detecting before it even happened. The dream changed my life.

My art show at Hyde Park on Duval ends on Sunday, April 1. The art show at Hyde Park on Westgate ends  Sunday, April 8.

It is only in the dark night of the soul
That you are prepared to see 
As God sees,
And to love as God loves.  
~ Ram Dass

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Christian

Happy 32nd Birthday to my sweet son,
Christian and good luck on your art show in St Louis!
I am so very proud of you. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday - High Energy Day of Healing

Bella and Bianca
My friend Lana's grand daughter, Bella, had her first birthday on Sunday. It was a wonderful celebration for the beautiful, smiling faced one year old.
Bella and Becca

Lana, Bella and Rachel
As always, when family and friends are together on a sunny Texas afternoon, it was also a place of healing. Bella's grandpa George had just lost his sister the night before.

George, Vicki and Christina
It was healing for him to talk about the sadness he felt that his sister had not reached out to family. It was healing for me as well to have him reach out, affirming that we are all connected and everything we do effects everyone else on some level.
In the 70s Lana, Mary and I were living at the "OD Corral" in Buda when she met George and I met Davis. George and Lana got married as did Davis and I. They had Rachel and Martha during that time and we had Adriane and Christian. As life goes, we all got divorced but we are all still family now raising our grandchildren together. It is a wonderful life isn't it?

About 10 years ago, I bought a house in Spicewood. George lived in my garage apartment for a time. It was cool. I was spending those years teaching my grandson, Dylan about gardening and living in the country.

George reminded me Sunday of a time not long after I sold that house, my sister, Nita and I were leaving Lana's house and he was driving in the gate in his new BMW and had a new laptop and a lap dog. I jokingly said "Now all you need is a lap dance." What I meant by my off colored joke was that he seemed to be headed in a really positive direction and soon he would meet a lady love. Sure enough, not long after that, he reunited with a high school friend and remarried. He told me Sunday that he had been reading "The Secret" when all these changes took place. Oddly enough, I too had been listening to "The Secret" on CD. I am trying not to judge the relationship I manifested, but needless to say I wasn't specific enough. I had also been painting guitars. The lesson here is be careful what you ask for and paint. I got a guitar player but I forgot to ask for an honest, loving man who is capable of doing more than play guitar. I just thought that was a given.

So there we were sitting and talking under the big oak tree and George's wife,Victoria started to tell me what she was doing when she and George reunited. I am telling you, God works in mysterious ways if you just pay attention. She had been in an on again off again relationship with a very unavailable man since she was 16. As she spoke it was as if she was reading my diary for the past 4 years. He wanted her to be a part of his life but he wasn't a part of her life. He wanted her to rub his feet but he never rubbed her feet. She made him coffee but he never made her coffee. When there was a crisis, he disappeared. Oh this sounds familiar and after 40 years he still wasn't ready to commit? Whew!  I started to feel like I got off easy only having served 4 years instead of 40.
Cayce, Martha, Christina, Heather and Nita

Mario, Dean and Cayce

Nita and Vicki
I was telling a friend the other day that I felt like the Universe had played a big mean, ugly trick on me sending me what looked like a perfect relationship that turned out to be the biggest ugliest untruth of my life. She comforted me by saying that I was sent that one so I would know what I would accept in the next relationship. I am learning to be more forgiving of myself and learning that each step along the way is just a life's lesson providing the tools to go on to the next step.

The Preservation
So after the birthday party Martha and I meet Nita at the Continental just in time to see "The Preservation" sing my song "You Don't Need Him CiCi."  I am so proud of Cayce and Mario for all their hard work creating not only a great band but a loving community. They seem to really get that it takes commitment and courage.

I love the way healing works. I seem to get the same uplifting messages from my family, friends and therapist all along the way. This week's big message has been to forgive myself. Until this week I didn't know how important it is to forgive myself for feeling like I wasted so much of my precious time working at a nonpaying job doing promotional graphics for someone who never loved me. I was merely unpaid hired help. The good news is that it is my artwork always got a great response so I know I am a good artist. I don't have to stop being a caretaker I just need to pay closer attention to who I take care of. Right now I AM taking care of MY art business and it is taking off. All is well. Lesson learned.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

SXSW Heart Breaker Banquet

Well I survived yet another SXSW.  This year started out with a bang but I am sorry to say that the BIG act that I missed this year was Bruce Springstein. He just happened to be playing Thursday, the same night that I went with Martha and Nita to an invitation only "Heartbreaker Banquet" at Willie Nelson's western town, Luck Texas, 28 miles west of town in Spicewood. Okay... I am gonna rub it in just a little more... you can read about it in the Rolling Stone.

Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent
James McMurtry was the first act to play early in the afternoon but we didn't arrive until 7 pm, just in time to see Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent perform. I discovered Phosphorescent back in the days of MySpace. There was an ad for their new CD "To Willie" that looked just like one of my favorite old Willie albums "To Lefty From Willie." I was so excited that someone had finally done a "To Willie" CD. But wait, it was a young band from North Carolina? What? Really? I messaged Matthew, introduced myself as a friend of the Nelson family and told him I was sooooooooo excited that they had done a CD entirely of Willie songs and called it "To Willie!"  I immediately got a reply. I was then was fortunate enough to meet the band the next time they came through Austin and we have been friends ever since. All of them are just sweet and talented young men and the CD "To Willie" is one of my all time favorites and he sang two of the songs that I love off of their "To Willie" album.

Martha and Christina
So let's back up a bit, Luck, Texas was the set for The Red Headed Stranger in the 80s and is now a Habitat for Horses foster home for I believe around 80 horses. We mingled around the familiar western town for a while, making our way down to the other end where the chapel is. We were in amazement of all the strangers and food trailers. This little western town has meant the world to us over the years. We raised our kids here. We went to church here, my nephew got married here and we had my mother's funeral here.

Martha and Nita
In the mid 80s our little group of girlfriends called "The Hormones" started having "church service" here. For the past few years, the Easter service has become a crowded event, so to see it turned into concert location wasn't all that surprising. I am guessing that the strangers in Luck were even more amazed that they were at Willie Nelson's ranch.

Billy Joe Shaver
The chapel performances weren't much different than the Easter Sunday performances but Billy Joe Shaver's set was so very heartwarming, dedicating  "I'm Gonna Live Forever"  to his son Eddy, who overdosed on heroin.

Joe Pug
Then Joe Pug nervously took the stage, stating that he couldn't believe he was booked between two legends Billy Joe and Ray Wylie, but his act was at least as good.
...and Ray Wylie Hubbard reluctantly sang "Red Neck Mother."

Gary Clark Jr.

The big stage performances ended with Gary Clark Jr., who just returned from performing at the White House for Obama.

Can't wait to see what next SXSW holds for Luck Texas!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today Is The Day! Call Rick Perry 1- 800 252-9600

Last Tuesday, with four days' notice, Marica Ball gathered more than 200 of her closest friends to the state Capitol for a protest called "Seeing Red." Yesterday was the second of three protests and at least 300 of Austin's finest gathered to protest Rick Perry and the Republicans attack on women's health. Today is the day! Call 1-800 252-9600 and let Rick Perry know what you think!

Joy, Carole, Pam, Christina, Kate, Van, Dylan and Charlie

Read more here:

Read more here:

Joy, Carole, Pam, Christina, Kate, Van, Dylan and Charlie
Yesterday was a heartwarming experience having my grandson, Dylan and Marcia and Van's mother at the rally. I know my momma was there in spirit. My cousin from New Mexico messaged me on Facebook and told me I looked just like my mother and the way she used to hold her purse. She would have gotten a kick out of my slut bag!
Carole, Kate and me - Protesting for Women's Health Care!
Rush Limbaugh thinks women who have sex are sluts so
I thought I should be stylin' my Slutt Bagge!

 Three generations of families, male and female, fighting for our rights as humans. As my friend Carole told Dylan, when she and Kate picked us up to go to  the rally, "This is a day you will remember, Dylan!" It is so true. One of my best childhood memories is of my mother taking me to see JFK when he was running for the Presidency. I was five and I remember it like it was yesterday. I got to sit on the front row with the press and John Kennedy kissed me on the forehead after his speech, I was star struck. Kids need to experience these things at an early age with people they know and trust to build a good foundation and children need to keep their elderly parents involved to keep them alive. I was thinking yesterday how lucky Hope, Van and Marcia are to have each other.
My grandson Dylan carrying Kate's sign
Marcia, Hope and Van
Betsy Moon
I also want to thank my friend, Betsy Moon for keeping the words of Molly Ivins alive and thank you to all the musicians who always make every event fun!
Beth Galiger playing flute
Len and Joy

Carole, Kate and Me - Stylin' my Slutt Bagge!
Now Go LIKE the "Seeing Red" Facebook Page!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Women in Texas Seeing Red!

"Seeing Red Luna Chick" Created March 10
Where do I start on this issue? Let's just start with the fact that March is Women's History Month. How apropos is it that? The 2012 National Women's History Month Theme is "Women's Education and Women's Empowerment!" Then why in the hell are we still experiencing gender discrimination? Why are the women in my home state of Texas having to fight for women's health care? Why is it that 80% of students in art school women and only 42% of the art in galleries by women?

I know I scare people when I get on my soap box but didn't we fight this fight in the 60's?  No woman should be treated as a second-class citizen, anywhere, under any circumstances and I am sorry this may sound a little sensitive but all of this makes me mad enough to cry!

Last week was the first of three "Seeing Red" protests with a great turn out of over 200. Rachel Maddow saluted Marcia Ball and all women in red states rallying for women's rights on her show. I created an Etsy Treasury to bring awareness to the cause. Tomorrow Tuesday, March 13, the second rally will take place at the Capitol. Hope to see all you there at noon. Wear your red shirt, make a sign, bring some noise makers, your voice and conviction, something to drink and your enthusiasm.  We hope to double if not triple that number tomorrow. 

It is more than the question of "If Viagra is covered shouldn't birth control be covered?" That is a no-brainer, of course it should be. It is more about women losing ground that we had already fought for and won! We must denounces the words and lobbying of anyone or any group, including public figures like Rush Limbaugh, using national media to promote disgusting and disrespectful terms and policies directed at woman. 

See you at the Capitol tomorrow at noon! Wear RED!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feeling Prosperous!

The artists and curator at the Hyde Park Bar and Grill at Westgate
It is only when we have the courage
to face things exactly as they are
without any self-deception or illusion
that a light will develop out of events
by which the path to success may be recognized.
― I Ching

Three months ago on January 1, instead of a New Years Resolution, I decided that "PROSPER" would be my word for the year which meant that this would be the year I become prosperous. Of course, I had no idea what I would have to go through purging all that was holding me back from feeling like I could prosper. And isn't the word prosperous relative? I realized that you don't attract what you want, you attract what you are.

Right now I am feeling extremely prosperous! My son called me today, he is going to be 32 on March 27 and on March 31 he is having his first art show in St Louis. How cool is that? I t makes me feel prosperous! He is following in my footsteps, I went back to art school at 32! On the home front I am beyond busy in my own art business. I had 2 art shows and got my art into the very busy "Navidad Farms" Gift store in one week.

Prosperity to me = Feeling sooo very blessed that my children and grandchildren are happy and healthy. I have soo many friends and family that have been so very supportive and loving during the good times as well as the bad times. Thank you all sooooo very much for taking time out of your busy schedules to come to my art show last night. I am deeply and profoundly grateful.

Two Sisters! CiCi and NaNa
Christina and Caroline

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another SXSW Art Show Today at FIVE!

You Are Invited To Another SXSW Art Show but this one is in the hood! I had a couple of friends tell me they showed up at the Westgate location last week. LOL Other GREAT news! I had a meeting with Jeanne Roe of "Navidad Farms Gift Shop" yesterday and they are now selling my art. There is going to be an open house in April... more to come on that soon!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to My Grandson, Andrew!

Andrew 5 years old today!
Today was a big day in St Louis. My grandson, Andrew turned 5 years old. My son, Christian, sent a few photos and videos of him and his friends at the birthday party, then going to see a movie, eating chocolate cake and then later having PaPa Roy put toys together for him. I couldn't help but feel a little left out, I woke up bright and early in Austin still tired from a 5 day canvas painting spree. I drank 3 cups of strong coffee while hanging art at Hyde Park Bar & Grill Westgate for my second art show for SXSW.

I can't even tell you how glad I am to have the art work for the SXSW show behind me. I am pretty sure I won't be painting another guitar for a while unless it is commissioned for a lot of money. I painted ten, count them, ten guitars. Normally I am inspired to paint whatever it is I am painting however, I have so moved passed my guitar painting phase for obvious reasons but I had agreed to do this SXSW show in October.

The last dream in the blue bedroom

Two weeks ago I went to the art store and bought 4 different canvas sizes. Lots of them. Normally that would inspire me but they sat in the living room and stared at me. I finally decided to put some blue paint on one canvas. Then I found three pieces of blue paper that matched and decoupaged them on. Okay, cool the beginning of a mixed media piece. They looked like windows into a blue room. Then I thought I don't have to paint a red guitar with a brown background, which is what I usually do. I painted a dark brown guitar. The paper wasn't drying flat so I decided to paint a tree over the wrinkles. See how that imperfection thing comes into play when you are an artist? Ya just gotta go with it. Then all of a sudden I remembered a lucid dream I had of a tree that was dying the last time I slept in the blue bedroom. Leaves were falling and I was sad to see the tree die but I knew there was nothing I could do because the seasons were changing. The tree symbolized a big change that was about to occur in my life. All of a sudden painting the blue canvas with the guitar on it became effortless and healing. I was listening to Wayne Dyer and he quoted the 13th-century poet, Rumi.

"The morning breeze has secrets to tell, don't go back to sleep." ~Rumi

He was referring to the early morning hours he calls "God Time" because the world is quiet. It is the perfect time to meditate. We think clearly at that time if we allow ourselves to. I love that time.  I had that dream in the early morning hours and I listened because I knew that the early morning breeze had secrets to tell. 

Changes can be scary but now that I am on the other side of the changes I see there was no other way. On a brighter note... Happy birthday Andrew. HAPPY being the key word here. John Lennon knew the key to life at 5 and I am pretty sure Andrew has that knowledge too. I find I am happiest when I focus on the present, when I feel grateful, when I am doing what I love to do and when I am helping someone else find happiness... yikes... that last one gets me in trouble sometimes.

Friday, March 2, 2012

I am

I was listening to Wayne Dyer last week talking to a woman who had totally given her power over to a man. His advice, of course, was to never give anyone power of who you are but instead, stay in the "Mighty I AM Presence." He went on to say that the Bible says "I AM" is another word for GOD. I started thinking about the power behind "I AM." It is immense! So I created this piece of art to affirm to myself what I AM..... not to speak of the fact that I need to have some art ready for Jeanne Roe from Navidad Farms to come and look at to sell in her gift shop.

It seems to be working. I am realizing the power behind the "Mighty I AM Presence." I have been having a more than amazingly busy this week doing what I love.... art. I AM Grateful.

Woman Of Heart And Mind
I am a woman of heart and mind
With time on her hands
No child to raise
You come to me like a little boy
And I give you my scorn and my praise
You think I'm like your mother
Or another lover or your sister
Or the queen of your dreams
Or just another silly girl
When love makes a fool of me
After the rush when you come back down
You're always disappointed
Nothing seems to keep you high
Drive your bargains
Push your papers
Win your medals
Fuck your strangers
Don't it leave you on the empty side
I'm looking for affection and respect
A little passion
And you want stimulation-nothing more
That's what I think
But you know I'll try to be there for you
When your spirits start to sink
All this talk about holiness now
It must be the start of the latest style
Is it all books and words
Or do you really feel it?
Do you really laugh?
Do you really care?
Do you really smile
When you smile?
You criticize and you flatter
You imitate the best
And the rest you memorize
You know the times you impress me most
Are the times when you don't try
When you don't even try
by Joni Mitchell

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hyde Park Bar & Grill - SXSW Art Show

Suzanne and Steve
I had the first of two "Red Guitar Music" series SXSW art shows last night at "Hyde Park Bar & Grill" on Duval.  It went well and today I am continue to paint the six paintings that are going up at the "Hyde Park Bar & Grill" on Westgate this Sunday.  Having my art displayed during SXSW has been a goal of mine for a long time. I am pretty excited! 
Jessica in front of my painting

To top it off, hanging out with artists is a very new thing for me and I know that sounds very strange but I have always hung out with musicians. 

Lucy Frost and Christina Fajardo -Photo By Steve Wood
Last night after the show, four of us artists, Anne the art show curator, Lucy, the wonderful lady who works so hard on making Hyde Park a wonderful, beautiful and musical place to eat and I had dinner, talked and laughed. It was lovely. I feel like I have found myself in a new life and I am really loving it. It can be a little scary because somehow my soul is so much more exposed when my paintings are on the wall than when I have poster art on the wall or when someone is looking at a CD I designed. I can't explain it.  I had a piece hanging on the wall behind the table we were sitting and it was making me a little uncomfortable. Then I remembered the first time I felt that. I was scared to go eat there for a week then when I finally did, the bartender told me my show was a big hit so I started going there just to hear what customers said. One time a waitress was talking about my art in tears, telling me how my art moved her. Then I told her I was the artist and I thought she was going to faint. The thing about being a visual artist is that I spend all day every day in my studio, alone so I never know until my art is done and hanging somewhere before hear the response. Speaking of which.... I have to go paint.

Thanks again for a great show last night! 
Christina with my painting
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
Photo By Steve Wood