Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dylan's Summer Vacation in Dallas

My dear friend Danny Roy Young used to say that if he'd known being a grandfather was going to be so much fun, he would have done that first. I have to agree. My adorable 16 yr old grandson Dylan went to Dallas this week to hang out. The biggest draw was a ticket to go to the Ranger's game with Richard. It has been a blast. He took 30 photos at the game. I think he loved it!

It was a first time experiment with the MegaBus and there was definitely a learning curve observed by all. You have to purchase your tickets online because there is no bus station. In most cities there are tents set up on a street corner. In Dallas, the Dart Transfer Center on Olive Street downtown is used. If you purchase your ticket early, you can get it for as little as a dollar, full price is $25. The buses are nice, double decker with WiFi. Again, no bus stations so bring food and drinks with you and tag you luggage before you leave home. 

So the night after the Ranger's game, Kathy came by and we went to Torchy's Tacos and then for a late night ride around Dallas. She showed us all the buildings and places that meant something to her in her childhood as well as the new stuff in Dallas. What fun! 

Yesterday we spent the day at the Arboretum, walking around in the 102 degree heat.... it was lovely. Absolutely the most amazing gardens I have ever seen, however I think that maybe a stroll around the gardens in October might be a little more pleasant. We cooled down with a smoothie that was more like a slushy.... nice! 

It has been a fun summer vacation. We made lots of memories. We had Hypnotic Donuts, went to White Rock Lake, Dylan and Richard saw a Ranger's game, Dylan ate sushi twice, we made our obligatory trip to several athletic stores to find the perfect Ranger's jersey, we ate Torchy's Tacos, we drove around Dallas at night, we spent 3 hours walking around the Arboretum in the 104 degree weather looking at flowers, took a trip to the Army Store and a LONG Saturday afternoon drive by the location where "Gas Monkey" is filmed.... and fun was had by all making memories.

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