Friday, September 30, 2011

Sometimes you have done all you can do....

I thought that blogging often would be an easy thing to do ... not so much ... for so many reasons. I discovered my laptop is not allowing me to upload photos. Bad timing... I was getting ready for my art show at Hyde Park Bar & Grill starting this Sunday. I had so many wonderful moments to share along the way, painting, waiting for paint to dry, putting on another layer. Each stage of the process is always magical. This time I surprised myself, I actually had all 18 of my paintings ready by Wednesday! Deborah came over and helped put hangers on them yesterday and I was done! In that process I had moments of perfection and moments of happiness and I believe that is all I can ask for.

As for being able to share visuals .... I think I need to buy a new iPhone that has a better camera than my present camera phone. For now, I don't feel I have it in me to write anything wonderful. I am feeling grateful for all my online artist friends who have supported me along this journey and I am going to share the first thing I read this morning from "The Brave Girls Club." I don't even have to ask how the Universe knew I needed to read this first thing this morning.

A message from your friends at the Brave Girls Club -

 Dear Thoughtful Girl,

Sometimes all that you can do is wait for it to feel better, wait for a bad day to be over, wait for things to work themselves out. Sometimes you have done all that you can possibly do, and then you just have to wait.

Patience teaches us tremendous lessons and rewards us with tremendous gifts. Patience makes us grow in ways that nothing else could. Patience is hard to embrace, and practicing patience is hard to do. Most things that have lasting value come through doing difficult things.

If you are in a time, beautiful friend, where you have done all that you can do and now you must just wait, take heart. Don't give up. Don't give in to the hopelessness, sorrow or bitterness that could and does consume some. Keep your heart open, keep believing what you believe. Keep your thoughts toward where you are headed, and how you WANT to feel, toward what is ahead. Do you best to learn in the moment. Do your very best. Things will turn around, just like they always do. Life will work out, just like it always does. You will be through this before you know it.

You are so very loved.


  1. i think most of us artists can relate to this! as for the iphone, mine has made my artistic life so much easier. i just wanted to share that the camera phone on the iphone 4 is bad, but there are 2 free phone apps that i have found that are awesome- instagram and camera+. i rarely even use my regular digital camera anymore. there is also a photoshop express app too and the basic version is free. good luck with your art show!

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  3. I really think I need a new iPhone for the camera if nothing else. It would make my life so much easier uploading photos of my art. I love the way instagram makes photos look! Thanks for the well wishes on my show!

  4. Love it!! I, too, am going to get an iPhone next month. I am waiting for the iPhone 5, which has an 8 mega pixel camera. woohoo! :)

  5. Wonderful post - I've been following your work from Etsy and Facebook but now I'll be adding you to my blog so all my friends can see your beautiful work - Thanks Christina