Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For Love of the World -Tribute to Sudie

I went to a memorial service last night. Sudie wasn't just the mother of a good friend, but a mother to the community. I have always said that I wanted to grow up just like Sudie. When she held court at her reserved tables at Artz Rib House or Donn's Depot, "The Queen Mother" was always elegantly dressed wearing just the right earrings with her laced dresses. Throughout the night, everyone in the room would take their turns setting at her table and bask in her beauty. Watching her interact with Sarah was like taking a look into a mirror of my past with my own mother. Everyone always talked about how "Nice" Sudie was and Sarah would say "She really isn't that nice." I had the same insight into my "sweet" mother's personality. It makes me laugh. They were human, yet still angels to me. Sudie said that she was too old to be nice to people she didn't like. My mother was the same. My mother's favorite saying was "I don't take shit from no one." (Spoken with her adorable Spanish accent) The lesson I took from their stern reaction to that which they disapproved of and the way they loved is stated in the poem read by Christine Albert at Sudie's service last night. I am going to put a copy in my purse to remind me of "What Would Sudie Do?"
For Love of the World
Charlotte Tall Mountain

... For the love of a tree,
she went out on a limb.

For the love of the sea,
she rocked the boat.

For the love of the earth,
she dug deeper.

For the love of community,
she mended fences.

For the love of the stars,
she let her light shine.

For the love of spirit,
she nurtured her soul.

For the love of a good time,
she sowed seeds of happiness.

For the love of the Goddess,
she drew down the moon.

For the love of nature,
she made compost.

For the love of a good meal,
she gave thanks.

For the love of family,
she reconciled differences.

For the love of creativity,
she entertained new possibilities.

For the love of her enemies,
she suspended judgment.

For the love of herself,
she acknowledged her worth.

And the world was richer for her.

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