Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May - My Favorite Time Of The Year!

Today Willie Nelson has a new CD being released
appropriately title
Here's a video of
Micah, Lucas and Willie singing 
"Just Breathe"
Watch for a video
produced by Lana Nelson
and David Anderson
A Horse He Called Music"
Click here to see Willie on Jimmy Fallon

I always look forward to May. My flowers are in full bloom, my birthday and Mother's Day are a double whammy of phone calls from children, grandchildren and siblings singing happy birthday and phone calls and e-cards from those who consider me their mother (don't ask me why I have children all over the world)  I love all my friends and family for always reminding me that I am always and forever surrounded by love.

I am pretty sure the party at Jax's last night was the last of the flurry of Taurus birthday parties, birthday cards, presents and chocolate cake and I promise not to do it again.... until next year. I didn't even eat cake last night because I had a sugar hang over from the night before.
May 5 Party at Jenna's - Liberty Hill Mary, Christina, Beth, Jenna and Sarah. This was actually Jimmie Dale Gilmore's party but it was a Taurus party none the less.
May 11 Trip to Fredericksburg with Kate, Kate's Aunt Michael, Rene and Carole

May 12 Birthday Girls Christina, Cash and Sherry Celebrating at Z Tejas

Sarah and Christina's Birthday Party at Sarah's on Mother's Day, May 13

Van with two birthday girls Christina and Kate
One of my very favorite birthday presents was from Dean, my friend, Martha's 12 year old son. He drew a portrait of me by candle light on the back porch at the ranch. As synchronicity works, Lana called right when he finished the drawing to wish me a happy birthday from New Jersey, so I sent her the brilliant drawing by her grandson, by text. Technology is a wonderful thing!

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