Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy 82nd Birthday Willie - Who'll Buy My Memories

Here's a few of my favorite songs and personal photos with
Willie over the past forty something years. 
Happy Birthday Willie! 
You've been an inspiration. 
Bless You.

Willie Nelson 
Who'll Buy My Memories

4th of July Picnic
Christina, Lee and Willie
Lana asked Willie if we could perform at the 4th of July Picnic
he said we could if we wore blonde wigs and sequined dresses
so we did.... 3 years in a row!

Willie Nelson, Jessica Simpson, the Wilson Brothers and a whole bunch of our friends
"You Don't Think I'm Funny Anymore" Video 
Luck, Texas

On the Bus
Amy, Christina, Willie and Rene

Unveiling of Eight-foot-tall statue
of Willie Nelson 
On Willie Nelson Blvd 
In front of the Moody Theater

I will never forget this day. We all gathered at Lambert's to have lunch and as we walked to Willie Nelson Blvd, Lana asked me "So what have you been up to this week?" I said not much, how about you?" She said "oh, not much, I just got a statue of my dad put up on this corner."
Nita, Cayce, Martha, Christina and Mario

Dylan's 16th Birthday Present
from the Nelson Family
The Whole Front Row At A Willie Concert
At The White Water Amphitheater
New Braunfels

Dylan and Christina

Dylan, Chris, Christina and Adriane at the Willie concert
White Water, New Braunfels


Willie Nelson
I Never Cared for You

Willie Nelson - Intro Medley 
Where's the Show
Let Me Be A Man

Willie Nelson
Family Bible

Willie Nelson
Mom and Dad Waltz

Willie Nelson 
It's Not Supposed To Be That Way

Willie Nelson
The Redheaded Stranger

Willie Nelson
I Never Cared for You

Willie Nelson 

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