Saturday, April 18, 2015

Today, April 18, Is the New Moon in Aries!

New Moon in Aries! Exciting!

New Moons are are the beginning of the 29.5 day moon cycle and signal a fresh start for the following month. It is a time to evoke positive new habits, drawing on more positive qualities of the zodiac sign it is in. Tonight's new moon in Aries is like a cosmic spring awakening, rebooting our systems for another 365-day cycle. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, sending our focus to fresh starts, creative opportunities and new beginnings. Ruled by red-hot Mars, Aries energy fires up our passion and gives us the courage to compete or even fight for our dreams.

New Moons are a great time to plant seeds, set intentions, or perform actions in relation to what we would like to grow or manifest over the upcoming cycle. Try writing a list of 10 New Moon Wishes. Don't worry if you missed doing it today, It can be done over the next 24 hours. Think Big!

This new moon in Aries can even awaken our slumbering activism. Founding feminist, Gloria Steinem was an Aries, as was civil rights activist  Cesar Chavez. Their confident, courageous world-changing impact is an example of harnessing Aries energy to start a revolutionary fire. We all have the power within us to shape the world. Rather than raging randomly when we’re feeling frustrated, we can create constructive change, fighting the good fight for our beliefs. In some cases, this can be as basic as saying “no” to a degrading offer, or daring to express an unpopular, but enlightened idea in the face of extreme opposition.

Nakedly honest and unapologetic, Aries energy can stun us with its entitlement. It can also inspire us. Aries is unafraid to want more. To Desire! This can be the basis for prosperity. The Kabbalah teaches that there are two kinds of desire: the desire to receive in order to share, or the desire to receive for the self alone. When we want just for ourselves, we burn out fast. When we desire an abundant crop to feed the village, the universe is happy to give us more and more.

The Aries New Moon prompts us to awaken that molecule-swirling, spine-tingling feeling. Let the hot blood pump through your veins, springing you into action. Passion is an essential element of living a fulfilled life and the Aries new moon serves as a reminder. 

Emotions are E-motion — energy in motion.

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