Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hyde Park Bar & Grill - SXSW Art Show

Suzanne and Steve
I had the first of two "Red Guitar Music" series SXSW art shows last night at "Hyde Park Bar & Grill" on Duval.  It went well and today I am continue to paint the six paintings that are going up at the "Hyde Park Bar & Grill" on Westgate this Sunday.  Having my art displayed during SXSW has been a goal of mine for a long time. I am pretty excited! 
Jessica in front of my painting

To top it off, hanging out with artists is a very new thing for me and I know that sounds very strange but I have always hung out with musicians. 

Lucy Frost and Christina Fajardo -Photo By Steve Wood
Last night after the show, four of us artists, Anne the art show curator, Lucy, the wonderful lady who works so hard on making Hyde Park a wonderful, beautiful and musical place to eat and I had dinner, talked and laughed. It was lovely. I feel like I have found myself in a new life and I am really loving it. It can be a little scary because somehow my soul is so much more exposed when my paintings are on the wall than when I have poster art on the wall or when someone is looking at a CD I designed. I can't explain it.  I had a piece hanging on the wall behind the table we were sitting and it was making me a little uncomfortable. Then I remembered the first time I felt that. I was scared to go eat there for a week then when I finally did, the bartender told me my show was a big hit so I started going there just to hear what customers said. One time a waitress was talking about my art in tears, telling me how my art moved her. Then I told her I was the artist and I thought she was going to faint. The thing about being a visual artist is that I spend all day every day in my studio, alone so I never know until my art is done and hanging somewhere before hear the response. Speaking of which.... I have to go paint.

Thanks again for a great show last night! 
Christina with my painting
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
Photo By Steve Wood

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