Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today Is The Day! Call Rick Perry 1- 800 252-9600

Last Tuesday, with four days' notice, Marica Ball gathered more than 200 of her closest friends to the state Capitol for a protest called "Seeing Red." Yesterday was the second of three protests and at least 300 of Austin's finest gathered to protest Rick Perry and the Republicans attack on women's health. Today is the day! Call 1-800 252-9600 and let Rick Perry know what you think!

Joy, Carole, Pam, Christina, Kate, Van, Dylan and Charlie

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Joy, Carole, Pam, Christina, Kate, Van, Dylan and Charlie
Yesterday was a heartwarming experience having my grandson, Dylan and Marcia and Van's mother at the rally. I know my momma was there in spirit. My cousin from New Mexico messaged me on Facebook and told me I looked just like my mother and the way she used to hold her purse. She would have gotten a kick out of my slut bag!
Carole, Kate and me - Protesting for Women's Health Care!
Rush Limbaugh thinks women who have sex are sluts so
I thought I should be stylin' my Slutt Bagge!

 Three generations of families, male and female, fighting for our rights as humans. As my friend Carole told Dylan, when she and Kate picked us up to go to  the rally, "This is a day you will remember, Dylan!" It is so true. One of my best childhood memories is of my mother taking me to see JFK when he was running for the Presidency. I was five and I remember it like it was yesterday. I got to sit on the front row with the press and John Kennedy kissed me on the forehead after his speech, I was star struck. Kids need to experience these things at an early age with people they know and trust to build a good foundation and children need to keep their elderly parents involved to keep them alive. I was thinking yesterday how lucky Hope, Van and Marcia are to have each other.
My grandson Dylan carrying Kate's sign
Marcia, Hope and Van
Betsy Moon
I also want to thank my friend, Betsy Moon for keeping the words of Molly Ivins alive and thank you to all the musicians who always make every event fun!
Beth Galiger playing flute
Len and Joy

Carole, Kate and Me - Stylin' my Slutt Bagge!
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  1. Christina,
    WOW...what a day...and what an honor to have Dylan with us...He's a cool kid...Great to have my friends fighting for the rights of women....RIGHT ON!!!!