Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Sunday Came and Went

Ooooopppssss.... a couple of Sundays came and went and I haven't blogged. I have been in the full blown artist mood, waking up at the crack of dawn taking advantage of every minute of daylight to either paint or garden. Who needs to go to the gym when there are flowers to plant?

Easter Sunday was the prefect spring day spent with friends. For thirty some odd years I have attended Easter Sunday service at the church in Willie's old town, Luck, but this year I invited some of my new friends and good times was had by all.
Damon, Caroline, Sam Van Elliot, Christina, Kate, Carole, Roger, Cash, Mike I just realized while typing the caption on the photo that all the names of the women in the above photo all start with the sound "K." Things that make ya go "Hummmm."

Carole, Kate and Christina

Spring and Easter arrived in perfect timing. At last, I felt like a phoenix rising from the ashes, emerging from The Dark Night of the Soul. On Good Friday, I asked Nita to cut my hair shorter than it had been since I was 25. The winter was filled with loneliness, clouded by uncertainty that felt like it would never lift. There's nothing like a little self inflicted pain. In the fall I had asked for the courage to make needed changes in my life, never expecting it to manifest the way it did, realizing I didn't fully understand courage. Kelly Rae Roberts had created several pieces of art with the word "Courage." Studying Flying Lessons and Hello Soul, Hello Business helped me not only to understand the word, but to find my own COURAGE. You know what they say, be careful of what you ask for, you will get it!

Courage by Kelly Rae Roberts

I realized that the wheels were already turning or I wouldn't have signed up for the classes. I spent my winter listening to Wayne Dyer, Oprah anyone else I could find on Hay House Radio. It was an amazing experience but one I wouldn't wish on anyone. I totally embrace the loneliness and darkness, turning it into then best art that I have created. I learned that I could only enter the dark corridors of this purification of my consciousness if I accepted the courage that comes from Spirit. I had nightmares, food was something that was forced, but I accepted the process, realizing that my courage was sustaining my mind and body on this very dark journey. I entered a cloud of unknowing, through which profound illumination in consciousness emerged. By entering and accepting the intense pain and emptiness, I emerged liberated with an enlightenment that I had never experienced. A higher consciousness replaced my ego's distorted clouded perceptions with clearer flowing light. The suffering within was transformed to profound understanding.

Needless to say, this Easter meant so much more to me than an Easter egg hunt.

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