Sunday, April 1, 2012

Magic on a Saturday Night

It seems that the stars aligned and magic was happening all over the planet last night. The BIG magic for me was that my son, Christian, had his first art show at a gallery in St. Louis. Even bigger news is that he sold a painting!
Christian, Carrie and Andrew - Painting SOLD

Secondly, I attended two weddings and a birthday party at Donn's. What an action packed, fun filled night! Danny and Marvin were playing and René performed the wedding for Vicki and Luke. Sorry I let you down Joy, I didn't dance on the tables after my second lemon drop. Michelle, you are still the best bartender on the planet.
Luke and Vicki
Pam, Christine, René and Chrisitna

David, Danny, Christine and Chris

The wedding took place by the bandstand and on the other side of the bar there was a birthday party for someone we didn't know. Halfway through the evening, he surprised his wife by asking her to renew their wedding vows. Love, love, love .... all the way around....
I am sorry I missed the "Lechuza" reunion out southwest of town! I sort of felt like I was there via text messages but was informed that I don't get to go to Paris with them because of my absence. Dang-it! Oh well...  I can hardly wait until the new CD is done. Maybe if I show up today I will at least get a trip to New Mexico!