Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunset Valley Art Fest - April 28

Saturday was a perfect day for an art show at the Sunset Valley Art Fest. The fact that Sunset Valley is only about 2 miles from my home and the show was only 6 hours long made it even that much better.  I sometimes envy my musician friends that show up for a gig to play no more than 4 hours and only have to bring their musical instruments and at worse, a PA. Dylan and I surprise ourselves every time I have a show by being able to fit a tent, a table, an 8 panel display rack, 2 director's chairs, many paintings and jewelry into my Honda Accord. Amazing! Fortunately this Saturday, Nita showed up in her SUV and helped get it all back home. I only wish I would have gotten more photos of my art display, my weekend helper, Dylan and some of my other friends that came by.
Christina and Christy
There was great entertainment by the Gourds, Brave Combo and Bill Oliver. I love doing art shows. I create art to inspire others and when I sell my art online I don't really get the experience of the face to face interaction with the buyer. It is heartwarming to have people tell me they have been following my art for years and have the perfect place for the art they purchase for me or that they are buying it for. Dylan was so cute this weekend, ready with his sharpie for me to autograph art.

My newest fan is my great-neiece, Bianca. Here she is with her favorite painting and her new necklace.

The first customer of the morning

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