Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Busy Week.... Why am I blogging at 1:00 am

This week has been the best week I have had in a while. I am busy, I am happy and I see a light, a very bright light at the end of the tunnel and I don't think it is a train. It has been a hard year, to say the least. The stress has taken its toll on me physically but thanks to modern medicine and hormones, I am feeling like a human again. I haven't blogged since January!

My son Christian and his beautiful wife Carrie and their adorable son, Andrew moved to St Louis last week to begin their new life. I miss them but over all, I feel nothing but joy for them. Christian calls me a couple of times a day and he is constantly talking about new ideas for our art business and that makes me dance a happy dance. I am telling ya, 3 weeks ago I didn't have the energy to dance a happy dance. I did Zumba a couple of times a week and that was about it. Now I am walking at the lake a couple of times a week and doing Zumba! I am feeling so well that I am doing an art show this coming Saturday and Sunday at Highland Mall. It should be interesting. Tony is playing at the art show on Saturday, as well as my friend Amanda. As usual, I have waited until the last week before the show to do the majority of the work. Deadlines make me get very creative. I actually love deadlines. I love working long hours on my paintings, waking up in the middle of the night with a vision of something fantastic to paint on a canvas. I love waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee and being amazed at what I did the night before. All of this craziness going on and guess what... big news....I decided to invest some time and money in a little self-improvement! Sunday I started an e-course "Flying Lessons" with one of my favorite artists, Kelly Rae Roberts. It has already been a very enjoyable trip. She is every bit as positive a force as I thought she would be. Full of life and creativity. I think the next five weeks shall be very enjoyable! I will keep you posted.
So to in case you have been under a rock and not keeping up with my pet project on Facebook, I adopted a feral kitten about 6 weeks ago. She is a trip to say the least. Tony's cat stayed at my house with Christian while Tony and I went to New Mexico over the Memorial Day weekend. My cat, Katie got used to having a cat around, even though George never came out of the closet except to eat. So when George went home, Katie seemed depressed. My friend Susan rescues feral cats so as soon as I realized she had an orange female kitten, I had to have her. The adjustment period of introducing a feral cat into the home with another cat never crossed my mind. It was a little crazy for about 3 weeks.

So....time to go to bed. I should be painting instead of blogging but I just put a link from my website to my blog tonight so I thought my readers would need an update. Click on the link below to see an inspiring video that Kelly Rae posted today.
Who Does She Think She Is?

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