Friday, August 26, 2011

Day Dreaming

These are words to "May This Be Love" one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix songs. I request the song every time I go see my friend Marvin plays because this song takes me to that place that is only felt when I am creating art or listening to my favorite music. This one line in the song sort of goes along with what I have been feeling for the last couple of weeks about my art and my livelihood.

More often than not I feel that I don't have someone completely believe in my dream or more to the point, I don't have a dream team. I keep hearing this term over and over by all the successful people that I am paying close attention to and learning from. There is an enormous problem that keeps occurring to me... if I don't have a partner who is in it for the long haul, if I don't have artist friends, if my two children live out of town, where do I turn?  This is a question I am just beginning to feel comfortable even asking. I am sure that is why I keep hearing it over and over. I have heard it said on Oprah, I listening to a CD set called "Cracking The Millionaire Code,"  and the said it, then last week Kelly Rae said it in her e-coarse and then tonight I heard Marcia Weider from Dream University say it. I am starting feel comfortable in knowing that I am deserving of a dream team. I am deserving of being supported. I have identified the limiting belief that I have been living with since 1986 and I am turning it around and shifting my behavior. I am becoming very clear about what I want and I am really starting to believe in myself on a level that is very new to me. Instead of filling my days with helping others with their dreams, which is what I have been doing for YEARS, I am scheduling activities that will move ME towards my dream. What a concept. Here is what I have learned... My dream team doesn't have to be in the same town or even the same state. In fact most of the support that I receive is out of state. So what? Dah! Email, cell phones, blogs, facebook, Etsy... what else do I need?

So back to the song.... it takes me to a serene place. A place of being in love and feeling loved. I was reminded after going to see my friends Danny and Marvin play two nights in a row that women go to hear music to dream. We want to hear love songs even if we don't have a lover, we dream of one or have fond memories of lovers in our past. Men on the other hand like to go hear the best guitar players. Lyrics are just lyrics. It is a reminder of why we may need dream teams. We need good lyrics and a great guitar player on every team.

I ordered the movie "Who Does She Think She Is" because in the first week of my e-coarse with Kelly Rae, she posted a film clip. I will have to say, the movie made me a little sad because it told my story of being a woman, a mother and a struggling artist. Struggling... why? Because I am a woman and just for starters 82% of the student population in art school are women but only 40% of the artists in galleries are women. I may have to come back to this later when it doesn't stir so much emotion.

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  1. Hi Christina! I will dream with you I know what you are talking about here, how it feels, and in your boat! But guess what we are strong, and we can do it, dont feel discourage, Kelly's class is so full of information, my head is spinning too. Lets reach out to each other, and keep us going. We can do it girl! I be your friend in Atlanta. who knows we can even create our own tribe! Frente en Alto chica! Art Hugs!