Monday, August 15, 2011

Week # 2 of Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts

Last week was crazy busy getting ready for an art show. This week I feel that I am going to be very creative because the jewelry mojo was turned on full blast last week during crunch time before the show. I have been collecting beads and wonderful findings on Etsy over the past year but I just couldn't make myself set down and create the jewelry. Amazingly when I finally sat down and did it, I enjoyed it and I got a really good feel from Sherry and Amanda that it will sell. Nothing like a couple of girly girls to let you know that your jewelry really does rock!

I had been on a spiritual journey this year, spending hours writing in my journal and then taking those thoughts and prayers and turning them into mixed media art. Mixed media art takes me to that place of meditation where I unravel my myths and stories.  I have unraveled some really deep myths and stories through my Luna Chick series this year. I traveled back into my youth and that lead to unraveling information from my New Mexican heritage. I has been quit a journey!

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