Thursday, February 2, 2012

Girls Are Like Apples

I love my friends and family. A while back my friend Vicki said this saying to me so now every time I see her she asks if I am still at the top of the tree. Until yesterday I was sitting miserably at the top of the tree. Then I had lunch with my friend Christine at the shiny new Kerby Lane on South Lamar. Somehow when I am around her I feel like my frequency changes and I just pull up to the best I can be. Don't ask me how that happens. Maybe because even though she is a very busy person she does things like text message like "You're my inspiration" (as a visual artist) sang to the tune of  "What Am I To You?" What a nice thing to say. Anyway, yesterday's lunch was just typical girl talk, catching up. Okay, reality, I whined and she told me about all the Grammy parties she get to go to.  When I got home I had a new revived feeling about how my life should look as an artist as a woman. There is a very organized Virgo sort of way Christine does what she does. I was thinking "I have Virgo somewhere in my chart, I can do that!" laughing at myself. Then I went to Donn's Depot to see her play last night with my new perspective. I felt like I was ready to take on the world and actually feeling like I could date someone new for the first time in 4 years! It was like magic!

So yesterday Vicki posted the link on my facebook with a note saying "You are the shiniest, most beautiful, most desirable apple on the tree and so valuable to so many. 

Then my darling niece, Camille wrote "You re loved, cherished and needed and remember to live out all the great learning you have opened your heart to. Just remember, you are a sought after, respected and cherished artist, friend and mother. Feelings are temporal and inaccurate, your legacy precedes you and defines you. BE YOU! Love you much. 

Today my sweet sister came over and fixed a bad haircut I got a couple of weeks ago.

I am feeling the love today! Okay then... I have been sitting here crying for two weeks because why?

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