Sunday, February 12, 2012


Thanks for asking the waiter to take this photo Jess!
Saturday I met with 7 of my artist friends for drinks and dinner on Congress Avenue and talked shop. We are taking a needed two week break in my "Soul Sessions" class to process some of the information that has thrown a few of us for a loop. Big life changes are shaking things up a bit and calling for us to take notice and make decisions about our lives. I felt right at home with a table full of creative souls that are following their soul's path. It seems that some of us are shedding old skin and starting anew. I came home feeling energized! Then I stayed up until 2 am talking to Martha on the phone about creating our personal life improvements while simultaneously painting a commissioned "Red Guitar" painting. I love my life! I felt so stuck even a week ago. Now I feel like I am moving at lightening speed.  I am grateful.  Every day I am noticing more synchronicity. Really taking notice that when I am in a negative head space, I feel stuck and as soon as I decide to move out of the negativity, the energy starts to move. I get orders online or phone calls requesting art commissions. I am finding different strategies to move out of the negative. Sometimes all it takes is turning on some music and painting sometimes it is going to the gym.... whatever.... it is all working!

"Miracles appear in the strangest of places." ~ Willie Nelson

I spent the night at my brother's house the other night, helping my sister-in-law design labels for her skin care products and it seems that they are on the same path, taking a classes that are teaching some of the same things I am learning. I got a list of reading material from them on things like quantum alignment.... hummmm....

A couple of days ago Kelly Rae and Beth posted some of our A-Ha Moments on the "Soul Sessions" class website. Here is mine, in case you aren't reading the posts on the website or if you aren't a part of the class.

I am always amazed at how the Universe works. On Monday Jan. 16, this e-course began and like clock work the next day my long term relationship ended. Forever. No going back. It has been so hard to stay in the moment and do the work through the tears. Every time I tried to listen to the “WHO” lesson I would have to go take a bath and cry because all I could think of was that my “WHO” just walked out the door!  This morning I made a breakthrough listening to Melody Ross say“Nice girls are the target for narcissistic people.”

A light bulb came on! I was able to put together what she was saying and the words that my therapist told me last week. I told her that I had just repeated a pattern in my relationship and she asked how it made me feel. Of course she did, she is a therapist. I said “It made me feel that I am not enough.” She then said “Instead of feeling like you aren’t enough, have you ever thought that maybe they aren’t enough? Think about it. You were just saying that you tried to help raise his frequency to match yours. He wasn’t able to keep up.”

So, not only do we have a choice as to WHO we associate with on every level but it is important to our success to stand firm in only associating with those people that are on the same frequency as we are on. It is an important choice and sometimes a very hard one when you care about someone who isn’t ready to commit to themselves and commit to making positive changes, yet still complains that their life just isn’t working. Or maybe not even complaining because they don’t even see how much better it can be. You just have to walk away. I now know it is okay to say “No, this isn’t going to work for me.”

Until just recently, I believed that everyone can change with just a little love and support. Now I know there isn’t enough love on the planet to change someone who isn’t ready to change. Now I can stop dreaming, wishing, hoping and wanting and just go ahead and fly! Huge lesson! I don’t have to fix anyone no matter what kind of “potential” I see in them. All I can do is offer up the information and if it isn’t taken, walk on and don’t look back. This all goes back to what I learned on “Oprah’s Life Class. “When someone tells you who they are, listen!”

Note To Self: If you feel like you are soaring in your life, continue to soar, don’t look back. Don’t try to carry the load for someone who isn’t willing to do the work. You will find yourself crying on your knees asking yourself what you did wrong. You did nothing wrong. They were not up to the task. Move On!


  1. Lovely post, Christina! Glad things are looking up!

  2. Thanks Janet! You really were here! LOL

  3. Love it! So glad to meet a fellow artist and neighbor!!!