Monday, February 6, 2012

You did a good job Mom!

You did a good job Mom!
You raised a son that is an artist
who doesn't give a sh*t about football.
~ My Son, Christian

Last night I was having a conversation with Christian on the phone, we were trying to decide at the last minute what to take to Super Bowl Sunday parties. Neither of us watch football. He cracks me up. He said "You did a great job Mom, you raised a son that is an artist who doesn't give a sh*t about football." True that! Not only does he have no in football, he is a great chief, husband and father.... I am not going to take credit for all of that but Carrie said she married him because she like the way he treated his mom. Awwww.... sweet.

I had spent my weekend painting flowers that he drew. We have this awesome mother-son team, on all levels but especially as artists. He draws flowers and I paint and sell them. A few of them are on exhibit down the street from my house at the "Thundercloud Sub" at Lamar and Manchaca and the ones on this blog will be going up there in a couple of days.

Great News! Kelly Rae and Beth have decided to give us a 2 week break on our "Hello Soul, Hello Business" art business class. As it turns out, I am notthe only one who is having life shattering experiences. There is drama that is coming up for everyone in the class. Everyone's worst fears of being successful are surfacing and our lives as we know it are crumbling. Sometimes to be truly innovative, we have to shake things up a bit and make huge uncomfortable changes. We have step out of our comfort zones and let go of things and people that aren't working for our highest good. So now I have made room for positive change.  I told them next time they offer this class, they need to attach a warning. 

Warning: Only take this class if you are really ready to shake up your life and make big uncomfortable changes. This class is not for the faint of heart.

The first two flowers are by Christian.

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  1. I love your flowers even more now that I know the story behind them, Christina!! Thanks for sharing!!