Friday, January 27, 2012

The Preservation - You Don't Need Him CiCi

Cayce and Mario Matteoli
Last night was the first night I have gone out in a while. First to see Matt Smith and David Halley at Evangeline. I have been avoiding nights out on the town to avoid running into Tony. Of course he was there and of course we shared a table with Danny and Rene and then we went to The High Ball. I would have to say it feels healthier since I don't feel like I am living a lie.

Today continued to be a well deserved fun filled day and will be a fun night out on the town! My cousin Kathy is here from Dallas and I took her to my art hanging in the Thundercloud Sub at Lamar and Manchaca and then to see my niece Cayce and her husband Mario's band The Preservation. They had a CD release party at Waterloo Records.  Now we are now on our way out the door to see them open for the Gourds at Antone's.
Opening scene to the Video "Sweet Cecelia

In 2010 Mario wrote a song for me Called "Sweet Cecelia." They even named the band van "Saint Cecelia Preservation Church" I had sorta conveniently put the song out of my mind for a while. It has been one of band's most popular songs and it is always the second song they sing at every gig. Mario's sister Maria Matteoli, even did the video. It painted such a clear picture of my life and it was hard to watch back then.

For those of you who haven't known me for long, my full name is Cecelia Christina. My very close friends and family call me CiCi. How appropriate is it that my mom would name me after the patron saint of music, Saint Cecelia? Is it any wonder I have made it a life long past time of trying to save musicians? Out of the mouths of babes. This song nails my dysfunctional 4 yr. relationship with Tony. I wasn't ready to listen then. Today I heard the song with new ears and an open heart.

Click here to see the video "Sweet Cecelia."

Thanks to "The Preservation" for singing the song hundreds of times in the past two years. Sorry it took me so long to listen.

Band Members:
Mario Matteoli: guitar, vox
Cayce Matteoli: percussion, vox
Andy Bianculli: vox, keys, guitar
Ben Burdick: bass, vox
Josh Wienholt: drums

That is me... and the band van that is named after me!



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